Walter R. Allen named 2011-12 Fellow
of the Sudikoff Family Institute for
Education & New Media
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The Choices Project, a research initiative established by UCLA Allan Murray Cartter Professor of Higher Education Walter R. Allen, aims to improve the academic options, experiences, and outcomes of African American and Latino students in the California system of higher education. The study examines three research areas that are key transition points in the college attainment process:
  K-12 experiences and pre-collegiate academic preparation
High school-to-college transition
Undergraduate experiences and graduate-professional outcomes
Together these stages form an educational process model that begins with the earliest years of school and culminates in advanced degree attainment and viable, productive employment. By understanding these educational transition points within social contexts and working to improve student opportunity, access and equity, The Choices Project helps ensure greater academic and career success for California's African American, Latino and other disadvantaged students.

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